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Offshore Staffing Services in the Philippines




About Us

We’re an Australian company with a friendly team in the Philippines, offering top-notch offshoring services. Our story began in the world of accounting, growing our team in Manila alongside our practice. Through ups and downs, we’ve learned a lot, and now we’ve built a team of experts to make things easy for you!

Teemcorp Staff Solutions recognise the clients’ need for cost-effective solutions that would allow them to set-up, host, and manage offshore operations conveniently in the Philippines. This is the reason we provide service delivery models that are highly customisable depending on the type of organisation and business operation scale. We provide effective assistance and facilitate in managing projects with an aim at building long-term relationships, whether it is a short-time offshore outsourcing project or a build-operate-transfer process.


+61 08 6140 1817 (Perth)

Our Best Service

Shared Support Services

At the heart of our service commitment is a user-friendly approach designed to streamline key aspects of your business. From efficient management solutions to seamless recruitment processes, and hassle-free payroll management to robust IT support, we are here to facilitate every step of your journey. Our user-friendly platform is tailored to make management a breeze, ensuring you can focus on what truly matters – the growth and success of your business. Whether you’re navigating through recruitment challenges or ensuring payroll precision, our user-centric solutions are crafted to simplify complexities and enhance overall efficiency. With our comprehensive support in management, recruitment, payroll, and IT, we empower you to navigate the intricacies of business operations effortlessly. Trust us to provide a seamless experience that prioritizes your convenience and allows you to concentrate on strategic aspects of your organization. Our commitment is to deliver not only services but an intuitive and user-friendly partnership that evolves with your evolving needs. Experience a transformative approach to business facilitation that puts your success at the forefront, making every step a user-friendly and efficient endeavor

Operational Control

Take the reins of your team’s growth and management with complete ease. Our user-friendly platform offers a variety of ‘add-on’ services, including support in network and IT, shared assistance, and strategic solutions. Customize your staff development journey effortlessly to suit your unique vision. With our comprehensive suite, you have the flexibility to enhance operational efficiency in a way that works best for you. Trust in our user-friendly solutions to streamline your workforce and set the stage for unparalleled success. Your staff’s training and management are in your hands, and our platform is here to make the process smooth and tailored to your needs. Explore the possibilities of our versatile services to shape your team’s success story. Join us in optimizing your business strategies and watch your goals come to life with simplicity and effectiveness.

Ownership and Control

Rest assured, our commitment to transparency extends to every aspect of employee compensation, ensuring a clear and open communication regarding salaries and benefits. Your peace of mind is our priority as we meticulously align our practices with the highest standards set by your company. Our dedication to matching and exceeding your organization’s best practices underscores our commitment to fostering a harmonious and collaborative work environment. With our emphasis on transparency, employees can trust in a fair and equitable compensation structure, promoting a sense of trust and loyalty. We go the extra mile to ensure that our practices not only meet but surpass your company’s established benchmarks, creating a seamless integration with your organizational culture. By prioritizing transparency, we empower both employers and employees, fostering a strong foundation for mutual growth and success. Count on us to uphold the values and practices that matter most to your company, reinforcing a positive and ethical workplace culture. Join us in cultivating an environment where transparency in employee salary and benefits is not just a promise but a fundamental cornerstone of our partnership with your organization.

Reduce Costs

Experience the dual benefits of cost efficiency and high-quality talent with our user-friendly offshoring solutions. By choosing our services, you’ll enjoy significantly lower overhead expenses, thanks to our strategic approach to offshoring. We specialize in providing access to a pool of highly skilled professionals in the Philippines who are ready to contribute their expertise to your team. Our commitment to user-friendly processes extends to helping you secure high-caliber employees at competitive salaries, ensuring you maximize the value of your investment. Moreover, our offshoring solutions in the Philippines come with additional advantages, such as gaining access to insurance benefits that further enhance your cost-effectiveness. We understand the importance of a seamless transition, and our user-friendly approach ensures that the process of offshoring becomes a smooth and efficient experience for your business. Trust us to navigate the complexities, offering a user-friendly solution that not only reduces expenses but also opens doors to a talent-rich market. Elevate your business with our offshoring services, combining affordability, skill, and user-friendly processes for unparalleled success.


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General Questions

TeemCorp provides a range of offshoring services, including but not limited to project management, customer support, and business process outsourcing. Explore our website for a comprehensive list of services tailored to meet your needs.

Our service delivery models are highly customizable to accommodate different types of organizations and business operation scales. We understand that every client has unique requirements, and our flexible models are designed to cater to those specific needs.

Setting up offshore operations with TeemCorp involves a straightforward process. Connect with our team, discuss your requirements, and we’ll guide you through the necessary steps, ensuring a seamless and efficient setup tailored to your business goals.

At TeemCorp, we prioritize building long-term relationships by providing effective assistance and support throughout the project lifecycle. Our commitment extends beyond short-term projects, and we focus on understanding your business to ensure ongoing success.

TeemCorp caters to a diverse range of industries, including finance, healthcare, technology, and more. Our adaptable services are designed to meet the specific demands of various sectors, offering tailored solutions for a wide array of business needs.

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