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Financial Services Industry

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Financial Services Industry in the Philippines

The financial services industry is thriving, and financial functions are ranking high among the first few services to get outsourced. The offshore staffing solutions related to financial services help many organisations to gain an edge over their competitors. As per the recent studies, 46% of business leaders decide to offshore their financial processes in the Philippines for obvious reasons. TeemCorp provides the growing as well as the established businesses with offshore staffing services Australia so that they get access to a significant strategic and growth-oriented business approach.

TeemCorp offers numerous benefits through offshore staffing solutions when it comes to the Financial Services industry in the Philippines


objectives of businesses. Delegating financial functions to an offshore team in the Philippines brings the cost-effectiveness at the forefront. The businesses can save up to 70% of the compensation cost while making good use of the financial services industry in the Philippines.


The hourly and even monthly compensation for finance professionals in Asian countries are much lower than in Australia while the services offered stay considerably stable. The organisations can have a team of four qualified finance specialists in the Philippines at the cost of hiring one CPA in Australia.

Enhanced Quality of Work and Results

Some of the reasons why the financial service industry in the Philippines is not trusted when it comes to offshore staffing solutions are the assumptions that offshoring is for repetitive, mediocre tasks that do not demand quality standards. However, with TeemCorp, many Australian companies have successfully delegated complex, strategic financial functions to the dedicated team of finance professionals hired through us.

We only recruit CPA-certified accountants who are trained and have studied abroad to have a thorough understanding of Australian financial regulations.

Range of Financial Industry Services

The offshore staffing solutions we provide in the Philippines span from simple accounting tasks to complex decision support activities as well as some experts functions.


Some of the solutions that you get access to are:

Our offshore staffing solutions prove to be the optimal approach for the businesses that aim to delegate value-preserving tasks to save time, money and effort. This helps them to concentrate on the primary business goals and put the required effort in the value-adding functions.


Start-ups can benefit especially, where business maturity is not enough to execute multiple tasks with limited workforce and resources. With the financial services industry support from our offshore team in the Philippines, like bookkeeping, financial statement preparation or supplier invoice payments; the core staff can commit themselves to functions involving business development.

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Why TeemCorp?

Offshoring to financial service industry in the Philippines with TeemCorp helps you maximise the workflow and increase employee retention and profitability. Lesser the stress to the employees, better they work and stay with you.

The financial services industry that gets accessible to you through TeemCorp proves to be a boon to your entire business spectrum. When it comes to offering financial solutions to our clients, we can help you get connected with highly experienced and qualified finance professionals in the Philippines in no time.

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