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Settlement Agents and Property Management

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Our skilled offshore staff in the Philippines are always here to provide assistance to you.

Hey there! After spending years helping out our awesome clients in Australia with offshore staffing solutions, we noticed a common challenge – they’re all running short on time and resources to keep their properties in tip-top shape. We get it – property stuff can be a real juggling act! That’s where TeemCorp steps in with our cool settlement agents and property management services. Whether you’re in Australia or the Philippines, we’ve got your back! Let us take care of the nitty-gritty, so you can kick back and relax.

Cost Effective Real State Settlements All Completed Electronically

You can rely on us entirely for any processes that you need to go through to complete the settlements related to your real estate. Our settlement agents make sure that the deal is closed in your favour and all the procedural requirements are met. All this is done by making good use of technology and effective communication tools. We do not leave any glitch or scope for miscommnication or confusion when it comes to real state settlements. Our settlement agents and property management professional are well qualified and particularly trained to carry out such liasons withoutr facing any impediments.


While we take care of this part, organisations and property owners can focus on other essential thjings like relationshio buildingh, business development, and company growth.


Offshore Staffing Services for Maintenance, Accoujnts and Inspections. We offer three core services when it comes to property management.

Our Settlement Agents and Property Management Professionals Focus on Big Picture

The offshore staffing services that we offer for property management are highly process-driven, and the entire focus lies on the bigger picture, that is, OWNERS and GROWTH.

We believe in delivering results that meet the core of property settlement and management procedures. Our offshore property management strides because we focus on these prime 4 factors:

Chalking out the Repeatable Tasks

Apart from the above, our offshore staffing solutions also offer a local connection on the ground in Perth, Western Australia and Metro Manila, Philippines.

Identifying the Repetitions in the Day-to-day Tasks

Maintaining Lesser Complexity in the Tasks

Do you have any requirement for hiring a staff?

Our Process of Identifying the Non-location Specific Tasks

We make sure we add value to such tasks through our offshore staffing solutions by helping you to hire settlement agents and property management, professionals.


When it comes to settlement agents and property management professionals, we make sure we offer the best offshore staffing services in Australia and the Philippines. 

Our offshore staffing procedures like hiring executive assistants are simplified and reliable. The communication between the two parties will be transparent, avoiding any kinds of contingencies.

When you see the difference between managed offshore operations and traditional outsourcing, you will notice the explicit benefits of our offshore staffing solutions. You have the highest level of control on your offshore operations with the staff that you hired and the team you built including the executive assistant.


When you hire executive assistance through Teem Corp’s offshore staffing services, you are provided with cost-effective human resource solutions and increase the productivity of your business with greater benefits. Our clients are benefiting hugely from their Philippines business bases through their multifaceted partnership with us.


Hiring an executive assistant for your offshore operations will assist you to improve and extract maximum productivity, maximise the coordination, gain good momentum in day-to-day operations, and retain business focus.


Get in touch with us to strategise a deal for your properties.